This year's theme is Northern Lights for Autism Yukon.



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Quick facts and contest details:

  1. Historically more boys have been diagnosed than girls, but it appears that this is due to research/testing bias. Many girls are autistic too! For this reason, we want to use more colours than blue! We’ve decided on the colours of the northern lights to represent the Yukon, but you can use whatever colours that you feel represent you or your family the best.

  2. We want to say “Autism Acceptance” to signify that we’ve “grown” and realize that, not only do we need to be “aware” of autism, but we need to accept autistics as valuable contributors to our neurodiverse society.

  3. Families can put out their lights any time during the month of April. Snap a picture and post it to Autism Yukon’s Facebook page some time in-between April 22-25 for a chance to win a prize! You can hang your lights inside or outside of your home/business—a picture is all that we need. All entries will be recorded, and we will use an app to randomly choose the winner. The winner will be announced April 30!

  4. There will be one prize for private residents/homes, and one prize for a business! Get your creative juices flowing and show us what you can do with your lights!

  5. For the month of April, Autism Yukon will also be selling Autism Yukon buttons (with our logo) that also light up. If you would like a button, please contact the Autism Yukon office 867-667-6406 or Karen Macklon at 867-334-1518. We also have different colours of light bulbs available if you would like to buy some.

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