Autism Yukon is a non-profit,

registered charity


We are governed by a board of directors. Our bylaws state that at least 50% of the directors elected to our board must either be on the autism spectrum, or be a parent of a child on the autism spectrum. We intend for this guideline to ensure that we never lose touch with those whose lived experience is the reason that we exist.


We hold board meetings 10 times per year, and our minutes are always available to our members who are interested. We also form committees from time to time to address specific issues, and to organise special events and fundraisers.

Our AGM is in May each year. We vote in new/existing board members at this time.

If you are interested in serving Autism Yukon in this capacity, please contact executive@autismyukon.org.

Board of Directors 2020-2021


President: Karen Macklon


Vice-President: Russell Knutson


Past-President: Kate Swales


Treasurer: Joanne Radzimirska


Secretary: Rebecca Dacko-Brink


Director: William Nelson


Autism Yukon Staff


Managing Consultant: Leslie Peters, executive@autismyukon.org

Acting Director: Stephanie Leithead, director@autismyukon.org

Project Coordinator: Rebecca Fenton, projectcoordinator@autismyukon.org

CST/PEERS Coordinator: Karen Rach, SLP, karenrachslp@gmail.com

AIDE Hub Coordinator / Office Admin: Megan Hoegler