Mountain Lake
 Our Mission:
To improve the quality of life of those affected by autism in the Yukon:
individuals, families, educators, employers and the community! 

Our Mandate:

Autism Yukon was founded in 2007 by a group of concerned parents who were compelled to create a better environment for those living with Autism in the Yukon Territory.


Our mandate is three-fold:

We support our members through listening actively, making referrals, family navigation, researching and trouble-shooting, attending meetings, and performing any other tasks that help them to make life easier. We also provide the use of the Boardmaker visual communication enhancement program.

We educate families, support workers, educators, employers, organisations and the community at large through our resource library, workshops, one-on-one training and problem-solving. We attempt to stay abreast of new research and to maintain connection with national autism programs and organisations.

We increase awareness in our community through advertising campaigns, addressing gaps in service, targeted projects and special events. The greatest problem faced by most individuals on the autism spectrum is discrimination!

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